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Organization and Purpose

The COMMITTEE is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association of Florida Dental Hygienists and others and is not affiliated with any political party. HYPAC operates separately from the Florida Dental Hygiene Association, Inc.

The purpose of HYPAC is to provide the opportunity for individuals interested in governmental regulation of dental hygiene to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for public office who those individuals believe will promote the improvement of the governmental process. The organization is also for those who wish to encourage and stimulate capable and responsible individuals to take more active and effective parts in governmental affairs by seeking public office.

HYPAC Treasurer
Amanda Hunt
1598 Cass Ave NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907

It is the further purpose of HYPAC to encourage dental hygienists and those interested in the welfare of the dental hygiene profession to understand their government, its operation, and its impact upon the profession and the effect that individual public office holders have upon the regulation of the profession.

Your HYPAC questions Answered:

Q. What is HYPAC?

A. The Hygienists’ Political Action Committee (HYPAC) is a group of dental hygienists and citizens that contribute to the campaigns of candidates for state legislative offices that support the oral health care of the patients that dental hygienists serve.

Q. How does HYPAC benefit me?

A. HYPAC is the only state political action committee that represents the interests of the profession of dental hygiene, ensuring that candidates are aware of the role of the dental hygienist on the dental team and the impact the profession has on the delivery of care.

Q. Who oversees HYPAC?

A. The committee is comprised of a representative from each FDHA district who volunteers their time to participate, manage HYPAC’s fundraising, and communication activities.

Q. How does the HYPAC committee determine which candidates receive contributions?

A. The HYPAC committee, with advice from the FDHA lobbyist, looks at a number of criteria when considering candidates for state office: policy positions, demonstrated leadership on issues of importance to FDHA, committee placement and dedication to improving access to oral health care. The committee is open to suggestions from FDHA members about candidates HYPAC may be interested in supporting.

Q. Does HYPAC support both Democrats and Republicans?

A. HYPAC is a bipartisan program, therefore does not favor one political party over another.

Q. What legislative actions have been influenced by HYPAC?

A. In 2011, the Access to Care legislation passed, which provides direct access to the preventive oral health services in health access settings by a registered dental hygienist without the supervision or pre-authorization of a dentist. In 2012, we were successful in passing the Local Anesthesia legislation that authorizes Florida dental hygienists to provide local anesthesia for our patients.

Donations to HYPAC are essential to fund the contributions to candidates supporting our goals. Every contribution, no matter the amount, counts in a big way! If each Registered Dental Hygienist in the state would give $10 or more, this would make a huge impact. The citizens of Florida thank you for your support and commitment to increasing access to oral health care for everyone!

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